Hi, I’m Devon.

I am a PhD student at Northeastern University researching computational methods for biological systems. My main research interests are in causal machine learning and statistical inference.

In terms of statistical inference, I have been working on methods to quantify and detect differential post translational modifications (PTMs) in proteomics experiments. To this end I have created the publicly available R package MSstatsPTM, available on both github and Bioconductor. I presented this work at US HUPO 2021 and am currently working on a publishing the research. For causal modeling, I am working on applying probabilistic programming to biochemical systems. Specifically, I have used the language Omega, implemented in Julia, to model a biological signaling network. I recently presented this work at ProbProg 2021. I am also interested in using deep learning methods to learn an underlying biological system and their interactions.

I grew up on Nantucket, MA and have lived in Massachusetts for the majority of my life. Coming from Nantucket, I fell in love with surfing and the beach; although I have a soft spot for the snow and mountains as well. I try to strike a good balance between my love for the outdoors and my passion for data science. I completed my undergraduate degree at Union College in Schenectady, NY where I studied economics. After college I started my professional career in the Boston area, where I worked as a data analyst for the digital marketing company Cybba Inc. Eventually, I returned to school at Northeastern to refine my modeling and machine learning skills. I completed my Masters in Data Science in December 2020, and officially began my PhD in 2021. I am currently working towards my PhD in Olga Vitek’s lab.

I have a variety of of technical skills to effectively work with and model data. Specifically I am a talented programmer with extensive experience in Python, R, Julia, and SQL. Python is my favorite language to work with due to its versatility and ability to accomplish almost any task. I pride myself on not only being technically skilled but being a hard working professional. My years working full time between my undergraduate and graduate degrees have taught me what it takes to be successful in a role. I believe this shows in my time as a graduate student where I have maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout both the masters and PhD programs.

Recent Work Experience

Graduate Research Assistant at Northeastern University
(Apr 2020 – Present)

Bioinformatics Intern at Genentech
(May 2021 – Aug 2021)

Data Analyst/Data Engineer at Cybba Inc (Formerly VeInteractive)
(2015 – 2019)